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 Date: Mar 17, 2013  
  • Livewire: National   
  • Note Prepared by Women's Movement Lawyers and Activists: The Justice Verma Committee (JVC) report was a landmark statement, applauded by all citizens, welcomed by all Political Parties. JVC was significant because it showed a mirror to the Constitution of India, and reflected its wise and just guarantees of women’s equality. Today the women and youth of India are looking with hope and expectation towards Parliament, and towards all Political Parties. We urge all Members of Parliament to pass a law upholding the spirit and letter of the Justice Verma Committee; to...Continue reading Anti-Rape Bill: Myths and Facts
     Date: Mar 12, 2013  
  • Livewire: Odisha   
  • A national-level fact-finding team consisting of civil liberties and democratic organisations and individuals visited Govindapur and Dhinkia villages of Jagatsinghpur District on the 9th of March, 2013. The objective of the visit was to assess the situation in the wake of escalated violence since the land acquisition process resumed in the area on the 4th of February 2013. The stationing of armed police platoons in the proposed POSCO project affected areas and finally the recent incident of the bomb explosion that left three killed and had one person severely injured prompted us to...Continue reading Report of fact-finding team on killing of anti-POSCO activists
     Date: Mar 8, 2013  
  • Livewire: National   
  • (AHRC): Statistics apart, India is not a safe place for women to live. The recent unfortunate incidents of rape reported from the national capital and from other parts of the country have only brought the gruesome reality to the fore. Gender rights groups, the media and the enlightened public that responded to these events promptly, however missed to address an important impediment that makes India a dangerous place to live for women. Critiques left off, and many are yet to appreciate, the role played by the justice institutions in the country in dealing with crime. Violence...Continue reading INDIA: Equality is impossible with the same policing system
     Date: Jan 9, 2013  
  • Livewire: Karnataka   
  • [Text of letter to Jagadish Shettar, Chief Minister of Karnataka, and R Ashoka, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka] Hon'ble Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, We the undersigned mediapersons and concerned citizens urge you to drop all charges against Kasturi Newz reporter Naveen Soorinje and one or more other journalists implicated in the “Morning Mist” attack case. We maintain that Mr Soorinje and the other journalists reporting on the unprovoked heinous attack on youngsters at a private get-together on July 28 2012 by members of the Hindu Jagaran Vedike (HJV), were...Continue reading Drop Charges Against Naveen Soorinje, Respect Professional Journalism
     Date: Dec 24, 2012  
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  • Statement by women’s and progressive groups and individuals condemning sexual violence and opposing death penalty On 16 December, 2012, a 23-year old woman and her friend hailed a bus at a crossing in South Delhi. In the bus, they were both brutally attacked by a group of men who claimed to be out on a ‘joy-ride’. The woman was gang raped and the man beaten up; after several hours, they were both stripped and dumped on the road. While the young woman is still in hospital, bravely battling for her life, her friend has been discharged and is helping identify the...Continue reading Condemning sexual violence and opposing death penalty
     Date: Dec 20, 2012  
  • Livewire: National   
  • As the outrage grows against the heinous incident of rape in Delhi and as the parliament discusses the issue, the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) looked at the background of lawmakers(MPs and MLAs) with respect to rape cases and other crimes against women based on their self-sworned affidavits. While several MPs showed disgust about the case in the parliament and some also showed helplessness about the situation, ADR found that there are several lawmakers which have similar cases pending on them as per their last affidavit declaration to the ECI. What ADR also found to be...Continue reading Parties continue to field candidates with charges of crimes against women
     Date: Dec 8, 2012  
  • Livewire: National   
  • DECEMBER 10-11, 2012 - Tuljha Bhawan, HYDERABAD The end of World War II saw a renewed scramble for the world market led by US imperialism which displaced the suzerainty of British domination of the world economy in their relentless search for surplus maximisation-a ceaseless demand of imperialist capital. While direct subjugation of the colonies made way to indirect forms of domination and exploitation resulting in the transfer of power to the local representatives of imperialist capital in many erstwhile colonies, the emerging structures of governance/control had to keep in mind...Continue reading Convention Against Draconian Laws
     Date: Mar 26, 2012  
  • Livewire: National   
  • India Foundation for the Arts announces up to four fellowships of Rs. 1,50,000/- each for a duration of one year, to be awarded to artists and curators keen to enrich their practice through engaging in archival research and employing materials from the archive for the creation of artworks or exhibitions. ...Continue reading Archival Fellowships: Call for Applications
     Date: Jan 27, 2012  
  • Livewire: National   
  • (Asian Human Rights Commission): The authorities in India have to wake up to the reality that censorship is not a norm, acceptable in the world today. In what could be considered as one of the most controversial proceedings in the country's legal history, 21 companies including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and YouTube are to appear in a trial court in New Delhi on 13 March to show cause as to why their worldwide web content should not be banned in the country, for the companies not being able to prevent users from posting 'objectionable' contents. The irony of...Continue reading INDIA: Censorship is a myopic world vision
     Date: Jan 20, 2012  
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  • This press release is being issued on behalf of the organizers of the Jaipur Literature Festival. It has come to their attention that certain delegates acted in a manner during their sessions today which were without the prior knowledge or consent of the organizers. Any views expressed or actions taken by these delegates are in no manner endorsed by the Jaipur Literature Festival. Any comments made by the delegates reflect their personal, individual views and are not endorsed by the Festival or attributable to its organizers or anyone acting on their behalf. The Festival organizers...Continue reading Organisers wash hands off Amitava Kumar, Hari Kunzru, others
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